We have a wide range of services to help your project run smoothly. Below you will find a short description of some of the main services we offer. If you do not see the service you need listed below, please contact us and ask about your certain needs, we may be able to help.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Project Management

25 years of project management experience has given us the know how to make sure your construction project is done correctly.

Site & Grading Plan Design

Our engineers generate county approved grading and drainage plans that get your job approved.

Road & Subdivision Design

Our certified Professional Engineers design any and all road features within county approved guidelines.

Base Flood Analysis

Our crews Survey your properties and our engineers use FEMA data sets to determine flood planes in and around your property.

Utility Infrastructure Design

Our certified Professional Engineers design utility plans that work with existing utility connections in and around the subject property.

Wastewater Management Systems

We have specialty engineers that have over 20 years experience designing wastewater systems for small to large projects.

Survey & G.I.S.
Survey & G.I.S.
Boundary Surveys

Our Professional Licensed Surveyors direct the diligent research, expert field investigation and careful title review necessary to locate and establish boundaries of real property, and to identify potential conflicts.

Improvement Surveys

Official surveys for title insurance, design, and permitting show the current location of structures, water, visible roads and utilities, fences, or walls situated on and near your site, along with any conflicting boundary evidence or visible encroachments, and all easements and rights of way of a public or private nature that are apparent or of record.


Our ALTA Surveys combine boundary work with improvement locations to satisfy the minimum standards and beyond. We go the extra step to provide your real estate, legal and title teams with a cross-referenced “picture” of the subject property and its encumbrances.

Underground Utility Surveys

SE works with local private utility locating services to provide detailed information on existing underground infrastructure to give clients more complete and often crucial knowledge of current conditions, above and below ground.

Construction Layout

Our in-house drafting department verifies structural plan dimensions and field crews carefully establish horizontal and vertical site controls before providing critical stakes for construction – from clearing and grubbing to final building and grading layout – in an effort to reduce unnecessary construction costs.

As-built Surveys

Mobile “on call” field teams can be arranged to capture required building foundations and walls, drainage features, roads and utility connections as they are constructed in the field, with accurate horizontal and vertical locations for the record.

Sonar & Waterways Surveys

Using top of the line sonar devices, our river-savvy survey crews navigate the depths and bounds of reservoirs, ponds, riparian boundaries and creeks, in applications ranging from boundary work to water storage and evaporation calculations.

Survey Hybrids

SE creates base maps that combine actual field work with publicly available land-based data, such as topography, flood information, wildlife and geologic hazards, demographics and other useful planning information.

GPS Surveying

With a network of National Geodetic Survey approved permanent CORS reference stations, SE employs the satellites to produce comprehensive, highly accurate and cost-effective results.

Annexation / Subdivision / Condominiums / Planned Unit Developments / Final Plats

Decades of experience and knowledge of local requirements set the stage for a range of legal products that accompany a wide variety of land-based projects.


Structural movement is recorded over time using precise field measurements taken at regular intervals.


Impossible to describe the power of a properly designed and populated Esri Geographical Information System. These databases are capable of storing and reporting on myriad types of land-related information, from chain of ownership to utility maintenance and repair, with mapped locations linked to relevant reference materials.

Construction Survey & Administration
Construction Survey & Administration
Construction Layout

Our Engineering and Survey departments work closely together to lay out new construction in the field.

As-built Surveys

Post and/or pre construction surveys that outline what features are currently on the job site.

Grading and Drainage Analysis

Extremely accurate surveys of drainage and grading surfaces.


Our surveyors establish a survey control network to monitor movements of building or permanent construction features.

Machine Control

We provide electronic files that can be used to control heavy machinery.


Our Field Engineers inspect new construction to make sure it is up to county or city code for new construction.

Vertical Control

Our team can provide construction benchmarks to keep your project height correct.

Slope Staking

Our team generates construction staking with detailed slope cut and fills.